Evolving from single-celled yellow creatures at the emergence of time, who would not love these adorable characters we liked beginning the time they were introduced to us in the movie, “Despicable Me.” These loveable minions sneaked their ways to all the Filipino fans.
To celebrate the return of the minions, especially that the third installment of the movie hit the Philippine cinemas last July 2015, Hawk Bag and Universal Studios Licensing LLLP teamed-up to come up with a special commemorative edition of bags. “Our collaboration with Universal Studios is another milestone for Hawk Bag as we successfully fulfill our goals on providing not just quality bags but innovative and goes-with-the-lifestyle bags. These limited edition minion bags undergone an intricate process before we were able to make them available in the market” as mentioned by Mr. Cyrus Villarosa, Hawk Bag’s Marketing Manager.
The exceptional edition of the minion backpack is inspired by the story plot of the movie revolving around the ancient civilization where our well-loved characters originated. “We had to make our design-concept relevant and up-to-date to the circling of how the storyline of the movie would go, that is so and the buying patrons will be enthusiastic to purchase the commemorative bag.” affirmed by Ms. Jill Tan, Creative Director.
The bags come in two sets of cool design, of different color combinations. It also has a secret compartment for security of the user’s essential things. This limited edition bag is in limited offer, so grab while supplies last. The bags are available in all leading department stores nationwide. For more information about the brand, you can subscribe to Hawk Bag’s social networking accounts: Instagram – @hawkbag, Facebook – www.facebook.com/hawkbags and visit them at www.hawkbag.com
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