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Hawk Bags and Maya Studio bring you limited edition bags

Curiosity drives people to gain perspective and reach innovation. Sometimes, the thing you wouldn’t think possible will present itself right in front of your eyes. Isn’t it amazing that your favorite unique characters will be with you every time, all the time, as part of your loved backpack?

As the brand (Hawk Bag) continuously aims to deliver breakthroughs and revolution to the bag that has been with all of us for almost 4 decades, another milestone is unfolding. In partnership with Maya Studio, a renowned international design and artwork firm based in Acapulco, Mexico, a collaboration has been inked to fearlessly fond the idea of making a unique bag with famous characters. Spearheaded by Javi Molner, an artist and the creator of Maya Studio, they offer a satire parody of various popular characters initiating from diverse market segments, ideologies and lifestyles to give humor, color and character to many things used by everyday people.

“This collaboration was essentially brought up to reach out for our patrons with distinct taste when it comes to their bags. Considering the creativity shown by Maya Studio through the years, we did not have second judgments to partner with them. Surely, these limited edition bags will be another momentous achievement delivered by Hawk Bag” assured by Mr. Cyrus Villarosa, Hawk Bag’s Marketing Manager. The bag collection comes in 6 different designs under 3 cool registered trademarks; Oscuro and Revolution under Calaveritas®, Duck and Bird from Zombis®, Good Bear and Compulsive Liar in Bad Day®. Not only the bag is unique because of the characters, it also comes with a secret compartment at the back serving as a secured pocket for one’s more important stuff.

Enjoy the new collection as it will be available in all leading department stores nationwide starting June 2015. Again, this is a limited edition offer so get it now while supplies last. To know more about Hawk bags and this exclusive grab, follow them on their online accounts: Instagram – @hawkbag, Facebook – www.facebook.com/hawkbags and visit them at www.hawkbag.com

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